There are calls for the entire stretch of a notorious road at Southern Lake Macquarie to be fixed in a bid to cut the road toll.
8 people have lost their lives on Rutleys Road Mannering Park culminating in the deaths of 23-year-old Bayden Garrett and 21-year-old Shane Laffy in November last year.
Wyong Council recently completed resurfacing and widening of 400 metres of the 2.4 kilometre road, but families of crash victims say more needs to done, including reducing the speed limit in some areas from 80 to 70 kilometres per hour.
However Swansea MP, Garry Edwards says the majority of road authorities have advised the speed limit doesn’t need to be reduced, nor is their a need to upgrade the enture road.
He says educating drivers is the key, while Wyong Council has also lodged an application for a $2.5 million dollar grant to go towards maintenance of the road.
In addition, Garry Edwards says shoulders of the road will be upgraded to allow police vehicles to park and carry out RBT and speed checks, which may involve removing trees near the side of the road.