In the lead-up to ANZAC Day, Captain Graeme Reynolds joined the Morning Show to share tales of places and experiences he has experienced as a senior Army Bugler for many years.

Captain Reynolds enlisted into the Army General Reserve in Sept 1995 and then into the Australian Regular Army in Jul 1998 and was allocated to the Australian Army Band Corps. He has completed postings as a musician to the Band of the Royal Military College Duntroon (RMC Band), the Australian Army Band Kapooka, the Australian Army Band Adelaide, as Bandmaster to the Australian Defence Force Academy (ADFA), the Operations Officer to the Defence Force School of Music and more recently as the Second in Command / Music Director of the Australian Army Band Newcastle. In addition to these postings, he has undertaken exchanges to the New Zealand Army Band in 2002 and the Royal Artillery Band in London in 2008. He has also visited and performed ceremonial roles in Japan, Britain, Malaysia and Singapore as a musician and bugler.

His operational deployments include Bougainville on OP BEL ISI II (1998-1999); East Timor on OP WARDEN (1999) and OP TANAGER (2001); and the Solomon Islands on OP ANODE (2004). These have all been in a musical role. His honours and awards include a Deputy Chief of Army Commendation in 2008 for his work in the Public Affairs cell of the RMC Band. He has also obtained the Military Instructors Badge in 2013.

He has completed over 27 years service in the ADF and has been very fortunate to have had challenging and rewarding postings. He has thoroughly enjoyed his service in the ADF to date and particularly in his current role at Defence Force Recruiting – Newcastle. Though it is demanding, it is extremely rewarding in its diversity and challenges. He is motivated and enthusiastic to continue his service in the ADF.