Look at that beautiful cheeky grin.

Emily is a 13-year-old girl from Wallsend and has been fighting clear cell Meningioma since being diagnosed in September 2018. Emily’s condition recently deteriorated fast, resulting in Emily undergoing 2x craniotomies to save her life, the outcome was Emily being served with a life expectancy, absolutely shattering those who love and care for her, especially her parents – Shahn and Brad and their 2 little boys Mason and Levi. 

Listen to interview with Emily’s Mum

Listen to interview with Emily’s Mum

Emily has recently come home from hospital and is on palliative care. Shahn is home with Emily full time and Brad is working full time to support their family. 

The family is in desperate need of funding to help assist with a myriad of expenses ranging from medical costs, to helping Brad take some much-needed time off to be with his little girl.

If you can help in any way, regardless of how big or small – you will be making a huge difference to Emily and her family.

You can donate via Go Fund Me.

For those that cannot make a financial contribution, there is also an opportunity to cook a meal for the family. You can look at details here on how to get involved.

Here’s Emily’s Facebook page.