Jack joined the 2NUR volunteer team in late 2020 when he was 16. Since then, he has taken over the reins of Wellbeing, a national radio show that investigates mental and physical health topics. Wellbeing is sent to 34 radio stations across Australia and is now 2NUR’s number one rating podcast. Jack is passionate about the show and strives to book the best interviewees and most thought-provoking topics. He recently interviewed Pat Boone’s Daughter, Cherry Boone for an upcoming Wellbeing series on anorexia. We hear Jack’s record for most Wellbeing interviews in one day is seven!

Jack Hodgins in studio

Currently, Jack is undertaking the Open Foundations course at the University of Newcastle. While Jack is not studying for uni or doing interviews for his show, he likes to partake in light reading of economics or the Australian legal system.