The State Government is facing calls to release data on how and if speed limit reductions on Thomas St, Newcastle Rd, and Griffiths Rd have improved road safety.

The speed limits on the popular stretch were reduced from 70km/h to 60km/h three years ago.

Transport for NSW stated then that the reduction was as a result of high residential and commercial density and a significant crash history, and would improve safety for motorists.

Wallsend MP Sonia Hornery says despite the change, the Government has collected $6 million in speeding fines along the road and accidents continue at the same rate.

“Many of us suspect that the crash statistics are higher because it’s a built-up road and at peak hour there’s bumper to bumper accidents because the road is too clogged,” Ms Hornery said.

“So after three years and $6 million worth of revenue from speeding fines, we’re still wondering and shaking our heads as to why the government reduced the speed limit.”

Ms Hornery has requested the data and reports to become available to assess whether the change was justified.

The Minister for Roads has been contacted for comment.