Residents of Hunter Valley’s Bandon Grove area are furious with Hunter Water’s plan to disconnect 69 properties from a pipeline because the water is unfiltered.

The Chichester Trunk Gravity Main provides for almost 40 percent of Hunter Water customers, however, because Bandon Grove is located north of the Dungog treatment facility, the water is non-potable.

In a statement, Hunter Water said that “the water is not filtered and therefore does not meet the current Australian Drinking Water Guidelines,” however properties would remain connected for farming and irrigation purposes.

At a meeting at Bandon Grove Hall on Wednesday night, many expressed concerns that the pipeline being disconnected would affect their usage and property prices.

The alternative solutions, according to the statement, are either rainwater tanks or an onsite water treatment kit which would be maintained and serviced by the residents.

It’s understood a majority of affected residents reject the proposed solutions, having drunk from the water main for more than 60 years.

They ask that Hunter Water does nothing to meddle with their supply.

Picture: Peter Stoop