Newcastle’s PFAS fears have been sparked again, after the State Government announced plans to transport and store 12,000 cubic metres of waste to Mayfield North.

The material’s being dug up as part of construction of Sydney’s Northern Beaches Link.

The waste is believed to contain lead, mercury, silver, zinc, dioxins, and PFAS.

Newcastle MP Tim Crakanthorp says there’s been no community consultation on the decision.

“Given our history with PFAS up this way, it’s very insulting,” Mr Crakanthorp said.

“There’s very little detail on where it’s final resting place will be.

“What we do know is that we don’t want it.”

Around 45 truckloads of the waste is expected to be stored in Newcastle for at least a month after being treated at Middle Harbour.

But Mr Crakanthorp says Newcastle isn’t Sydney’s dumping ground.

“What really worries is that this government is clearly trying to fly under the radar,” Mr Crakanthorp said.

“The people of Newcastle have very strong feelings about this proposal and I’m sure the NSW Government is very aware of this.”