Wednesday, 9:00pm to 10:00pm

Folk music – classic songs and emerging artists, from the Australian folk scene and around the world – Phil Bates and Jane Klein bring you the best of folk.

An hour of your folk favourites – if they’re not already, they will be soon!

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Phil Bates

Phil’s folk performing career blossomed as the guitar player for Newcastle’s iconic bush band the Rum Culls. Since then, he’s added various guitars and banjos to his wardrobe of instruments.  And he’s to be found strumming and warbling regularly at Hunter Wetlands and various other events.  Previously he hosted Monday Folk on 2NURFM, and now brings his wealth of folk knowledge to Classic Folk.

Jane Klein

Jane’s love affair with folk music was shaped by the revival of interest in traditional folk in the United Kingdom.  She is fascinated by how different artists and different generations create these songs afresh. New talent and well-loved classics feature in her favourites.

Hear Phil and Jane describe the show

Hear Phil and Jane describe the show

Previous Programs

22 Jun 2022, 12pm

22 Jun 2022, 12pm Families This week on Classic Folk, Phil and Jane have chosen music based around families.

15 Jun 2022, 12pm

15 Jun 2022, 12pm Winter Warmers It has been cold in the Hunter region lately, so Phil and Jane have picked some songs about dancing to warm you up.

8 Jun 2022, 12am

8 Jun 2022, 12am Celebrating anniversaries Phil and Jane have both celebrated wedding anniversaries recently and thought they would play some songs connected with wedding anniversaries and married life.

1 Jun 2022, 10am

1 Jun 2022, 10am Winter is here Jane and Phil have selected songs that are inspired by winter.

25 May 2022, 12am

25 May 2022, 12am Bright things Jane Klein and Phil Bates are playing music about things that shine or sparkle. Artists include Bob Fox, The Water Runners, Lucy Wise, Nick & Liesl and Mermaids in the Well.

18 May 2022, 12am

18 May 2022, 12am Battles, touches and punch-ups To celebrate the Dambusters Raid, Jane and Phil play music of battles – and even some punch-ups!

11 May 2022, 1am

11 May 2022, 1am More from the Newcastle Folk Festival Jane and Phil have Josh Bennett, Cloudstreet, Fred Smith, Black Mountain Strings and The Water Runners on the show.

11 May 2022, 12am

11 May 2022, 12am Classic Folk – 11 May 2022 Phil and Jane with another bag of great folk music.

6 May 2022, 1pm

6 May 2022, 1pm Classic Folk – 4 May 2022 Jane and Phil play a range of the world’s best folk music.

4 May 2022, 1am

4 May 2022, 1am Newcastle Folk Festival Memories This week you can hear Ruth Hazelton, Cloudstreet & the Little Cloud Orchestra, Snez, Green Mohair Suits and Phoenix Collective plus more.

27 Apr 2022, 5pm

27 Apr 2022, 5pm The Newcastle and Hunter Program Jane and Phil have selected music that represents Newcastle and the Hunter region where they live. Girls in Our Town, The Newcastle Song, Catherine Hill Bay, Lambton Lights and Mayoress of Lambton are some of the titles.

27 Apr 2022, 4pm

27 Apr 2022, 4pm Music for ANZAC Day Phil and Jane pay tribute to the ANZACs with songs by Martin Simpson, Eric Bogle, Kamerunga, The Clockwork Dolls, John Schumann & the Vagabond Crew and others.

13 Apr 2022, 6am

13 Apr 2022, 6am Wanderlust On this edition of Classic Folk, Jane and Phil are travelling – for holidays, or just for the sake of wanderlust.

6 Apr 2022, 3pm

6 Apr 2022, 3pm Looking skyward On this edition of Classic Folk, Phil and Jane are looking toward the skies.

30 Mar 2022, 1am

30 Mar 2022, 1am Crossing Borders Jane Klein and Phil Bates feature some songs from artists who have crossed over borders.

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