Australia’s longest running radio series. Hilarious satire about politics and people. Starring Keith Scott and Robyn Moore.

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Play latest edition of How Green Was My Cactus

Robyn Moore
Yes, she really laughs all the time.
Robyn’s many Cactus characters include Ex Liberal Deputy Leader Judas Bishop, Labor Deputy Tanya Plibernext, ex-Queen Julia Buzz-ard, Greens spokespixie Sarah Handsome-Rack, Senator Penny Ping Pong, Sandra Silly, Judge Judy Cranky, Queen Bessie of Buckinghuge Palace, One Nation Grand Wizard Pauline Hatful, mining magnate Cruella de Creosote etc., etc., etc.

Keith Scott
He may look demented but he really is amazingly talented.
Just SOME of Keith’s many Cactus characters: PM Slo Mo, ex-PM Tony Abs, Flopposition Leader Bill Curly, aspiring Flopposition Leader Anthony Albo, Senators Cory Bananas & Matias Cormanegger, front benchers Prissie Pyne & Barnaby Joh, Pres. Donald Dump, media tarts Derryn Livershot & Mark Mayhem, sport guru Big Gazza Roidman, North Korea’s and dear Leader Kim Jong Nong. 

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