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Hosted by Cheryl Shaw and Daniel Carrington along with vets Dr David Tabrett and Dr Kimberley Earl, Pet Chat answers your questions on the health and welfare of your pet for our sponsor, Dogoverboard. Hear about all the latest pet products, buying or breeding, training and even some hairy tales!

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Cheryl Shaw owns Dogoverboard at Adamstown, specialising in canine care. Cheryl is a Canine Animal Hygienist (CAH), Style Groomer, Canine Masseur, Canine Myofunctional Therapist (CMF), Canine Hydrotherapist (CHT), canine cosmetologist, canine behaviourist, and puppy preschool trainer and educator.

Dr David Tabrett is the Chief of Emergency Medicine at Animal Referral and Emergency Centre. The Newcastle Animal Emergency Centre is located at 4 Lang Road, Broadmeadow. Contact: 4957 7106.

Dr Kimberley Earl is originally from Canada where she worked for three years in a busy, mixed animal practice in northern British Columbia. In between snowy calving seasons Kimberley was busy developing skills in small animal medicine and diagnostic ultrasound. She set up practice in Australian in 2008.

Daniel Carrington is co-owner of The Pet Shop Boyz providing pet-care products, accessories and professional advice to Newcastle and Hunter region show people and pet-owners.

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Pet Chat Podcast

Pet Chat Podcast

A weekly program about pets with Cheryl Shaw from Dog Overboard and resident Vet Dr David Tabrett.

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22 Nov 2023, 10am

22 Nov 2023, 10am Pet Chat Pets as christmas gifts and the research you need to you

15 Nov 2023, 10am

15 Nov 2023, 10am Pet Chat There are precautions you need to obsever when taking your dog to the beach.

8 Nov 2023, 10am

8 Nov 2023, 10am Pet Chat Looking after dog food and how do we know when its time to say goodbye

1 Nov 2023, 10am

1 Nov 2023, 10am Pet Chat Anxiety in dogs increases as they age.

25 Oct 2023, 10am

25 Oct 2023, 10am Pet Chat Cheryl Shaw talks about Frgo Week and Dr Earl answers questions on pet health.

18 Oct 2023, 10am

18 Oct 2023, 10am Pet Chat Cheryl Shaw explains why dogs love playing fetch, but be careful not to overdo it.

11 Oct 2023, 10am

11 Oct 2023, 10am Pet Chat The Aussie Backyard Bird Count is coming up, and your questions about pets are answered.

4 Oct 2023, 10am

4 Oct 2023, 10am Pet Chat Snake bites have peaked at this time of year. Be alert for brown snakes and black snakes.

27 Sep 2023, 9am

27 Sep 2023, 9am Pet Chat Dogs have intolerance to new foods, so give them only a small portion.

20 Sep 2023, 9am

20 Sep 2023, 9am Pet Chat Dr Fiona answers questions about pets, and issues warnings about hot weather and pets.

13 Sep 2023, 9am

13 Sep 2023, 9am Pet Chat Dr Kimberley Earl says keep your pet's microchip details up-to-date on the Council registry.

6 Sep 2023, 9am

6 Sep 2023, 9am Pet Chat A vet talks about pet health and takes calls from listeners.

23 Aug 2023, 9am

23 Aug 2023, 9am Pet Chat Cheryl sounds the alarm about giving treats to dogs. Dr Tabrett talks about food hygiene, and answers questions about pet health.

16 Aug 2023, 9am

16 Aug 2023, 9am Pet Chat Cheryl talks about pets wearing cones and Dr Fiona answers questions.

9 Aug 2023, 9am

9 Aug 2023, 9am Pet Chat Cheryl talk about leash training and Dr Kimberly answers questions on blind puppies and eye infections

2 Aug 2023, 9am

2 Aug 2023, 9am Pet Chat Dr Kimberley Earl talks about how mosquito-borne viruses affect rabbits, dogs and other pets.

26 Jul 2023, 9am

26 Jul 2023, 9am Pet Chat Pet vet Dr Fiona takes calls on pet health and talks about detal health.

19 Jul 2023, 9am

19 Jul 2023, 9am Pet Chat Cheryl help us in washing our cats and Dr Kimberly answers questions on boisterous dogs

13 Jul 2023, 9am

13 Jul 2023, 9am Pet Chat Dr Tabrett answers questions from listeners

5 Jul 2023, 9am

5 Jul 2023, 9am Pet Chat 120 BPM is the the aim when doing CPR. Dr Tabrett talks about doing CPR and takes questions from listeners.

28 Jun 2023, 9am

28 Jun 2023, 9am Pet Chat Don't feed bread to the birds.

21 Jun 2023, 9am

21 Jun 2023, 9am Pet Chat Questions from listeners are answered by pet experts.

14 Jun 2023, 9am

14 Jun 2023, 9am Pet Chat Questions from listeners are answered by pet experts.

7 Jun 2023, 9am

7 Jun 2023, 9am Pet Chat Questions from listeners, and some adive on guinea pigs, rabbits, and training puppies.

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