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Hosted by Cheryl Shaw and Daniel Carrington along with vets Dr David Tabrett, Dr Kimberley Earl and Dr Fiona Giblin. Pet Chat answers your questions on the health and welfare of your pet for our sponsor, Dogoverboard. Hear about all the latest pet products, buying or breeding, training and even some hairy tales!

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Cheryl Shaw owns Dogoverboard at Adamstown, specialising in canine care. Cheryl is a Canine Animal Hygienist (CAH), Style Groomer, Canine Masseur, Canine Myofunctional Therapist (CMF), Canine Hydrotherapist (CHT), canine cosmetologist, canine behaviourist, and puppy preschool trainer and educator.

Dr David Tabrett is the Chief of Emergency Medicine at Animal Referral and Emergency Centre. The Newcastle Animal Emergency Centre is located at 4 Lang Road, Broadmeadow. Contact: 4957 7106.

Dr Kimberley Earl is originally from Canada where she worked for three years in a busy, mixed animal practice in northern British Columbia. In between snowy calving seasons Kimberley was busy developing skills in small animal medicine and diagnostic ultrasound. She set up practice in Australia in 2008.

Fiona Giblin

Fiona Giblin practices at Merewether Vets in Llewellyn Street, Merewether. Merewether Veterinary Hospital offers a comprehensive and professional service to meet the health care needs of your pet. This includes a wide range of medical and surgical procedures, pathology, x-ray, ultrasound, dentistry, behaviour, nutrition and preventive medicine. Their dedicated team strives to give your animal companion the best opportunity for a long and healthy life. Ph: 4969 2694.

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Each week from June 5, all callers who go to air during the Pet Chat Program will be in the running to win a $50 Gift Card thanks to Dozer & Co. Dozer & Co. provides the best of products for a raw and fresh diet for dogs and cats. Their Treats, Meats and fresh products are all locally sourced in Australia – with the exception of New Zealand Green Lipped Mussels. All meats are preservative free, unlike most of the pre-packaged products that use harmful stabilisers to extend shelf life. Dozer & Co are situated at 57 Joslin Street, Kotara.

Pet Chat Podcast

Pet Chat Podcast

A weekly program about pets with Cheryl Shaw from Dog Overboard and resident Vet Dr David Tabrett.

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19 Jun 2024, 9am

19 Jun 2024, 9am Pet Chat Seasonal Affected Disorder (SAD) in dogs and a dog that chases vacuum cleaners.

12 Jun 2024, 9am

12 Jun 2024, 9am Pet Chat Cheryl looks at pets in the apartment and Dr Kimberley answers questions about dog teeth

5 Jun 2024, 9am

5 Jun 2024, 9am Pet Chat Dr Fiona takes calls about food for a toy poodle, Cushings disease, a 14-year-old spaniel, arthritis, and how to handle being emotional about pets.

22 May 2024, 9am

22 May 2024, 9am Pet Chat Blood transfusions with pets

15 May 2024, 9am

15 May 2024, 9am Pet Chat Danger of fungai to our pets

8 May 2024, 9am

8 May 2024, 9am Pet Chat Winter jackets for our pets.

1 May 2024, 9am

1 May 2024, 9am Pet Chat Litter box problems and pony problems

24 Apr 2024, 9am

24 Apr 2024, 9am Pet Chat Purple poppies for ANZAC and Dr Fiona answers listener questions

17 Apr 2024, 9am

17 Apr 2024, 9am Pet Chat Keeping up to date with vaccinations, advice on a biting kitty cat, and other topics dicussed by our pet experts.

10 Apr 2024, 9am

10 Apr 2024, 9am Pet Chat With school holidays coming up, we need to be mindful about pets.

27 Mar 2024, 10am

27 Mar 2024, 10am Pet Chat Keeping our pets safe over the easter weekend