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Hosted by Cheryl Shaw and Daniel Carrington along with vet Dr David Tabrett, Pet Chat answers your questions on the health and welfare of your pet for our sponsor, Dogoverboard. Hear about all the latest pet products, buying or breeding, training and even some hairy tales!

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Cheryl Shaw owns Dogoverboard at Adamstown, specialising in canine care. Cheryl is a Canine Animal Hygienist (CAH), Style Groomer, Canine Masseur, Canine Myofunctional Therapist (CMF), Canine Hydrotherapist (CHT), canine cosmetologist, canine behaviourist, and puppy preschool trainer and educator.

Dr David Tabrett is the Chief of Emergency Medicine at Animal Referral and Emergency Centre. The Newcastle Animal Emergency Centre is located at 4 Lang Road, Broadmeadow. Contact: 4957 7106.

Daniel Carrington is co-owner of The Pet Shop Boyz providing pet-care products, accessories and professional advice to Newcastle and Hunter region show people and pet-owners.

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Pet Chat Podcast

A weekly program about pets with Cheryl Shaw from Dog Overboard and resident Vet Dr David Tabrett.

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15 Dec 2021, 10am

15 Dec 2021, 10am Pet Chat Cheryl Shaw and Dr Kimberley Earl present the final Pet Chat show for the year.

1 Dec 2021, 10am

1 Dec 2021, 10am Pet Chat Dr David Tabrett answers questions about pets and their health.

13 Oct 2021, 10am

13 Oct 2021, 10am Pet Chat Cheryl Shaw has tips on what to do to make sure your dogs don’t exhibit bad beahviour once they are left alone when you go back to work.

6 Oct 2021, 10am

6 Oct 2021, 10am Pet Chat Dr David Tabrett talks about the world-wide phenomenon of a rise in visits to vets as people spend more time at home with their pets.

4 Aug 2021, 9am

4 Aug 2021, 9am Pet Chat Pet enthusiasts answer questions about animal health.

28 Jul 2021, 9am

28 Jul 2021, 9am Pet Chat Cheryl Shaw and Dr David Tabrett answers questions about pet health.