2NURFM has one of the largest radio audiences in The Hunter with 130,000 listeners each month*.

So how would you like a 2NURFM FM listener to be your next new customer?

Our professional sales team listens to what your business needs and prepares creative solutions, helping you connect with our audience.

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*Monthly Audience National Listener Survey – conducted by McNair yellowSquares – Newcastle – Survey 2019 Wave #1 – July 2019 – (n=31)

2NURFM Audience profile
Broadcasting since 1978, 2NURFM is Newcastle's leading easy listening radio station.
130,000 people are listening to 2NURFM each month.
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2NURFM stands out across the whole day.
101,000 main grocery buyers tune into 2NURFM each month.
2NURFM compares favourably with other stations in the market.
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2NURFM is dedicated to the Newcastle Hunter Community.

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