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Stream 2NURFM live from your computer or mobile device.

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Listen Live

Listen Live

The default stream is aacPlus. If your device doesn’t support this, then it will most likely support mp3PRO. Click on either link, it will download, and then open the link via iTunes or Windows Media Player.

Amazon and Google devices

Because Amazon Echo devices have TuneIn built in, to listen on the Echo just say “listen to 2NURFM from tune in”.

With Google Home you can say “Hey Google, TuneIn, 2NURFM”.

Worried about your data plan?

2NURFM streams on the app at 56 kb/s – that uses less than 20 MB per hour. The accPlus stream uses less data and is a higher quality stream.

Make listening convenient for you by subscribing to our podcasts. You can then listen whenever you like on your own device. The are also available on the 2NURFM app.

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View the complete list of available podcasts and listen to the latest program editions now.

Please note that, for copyright reasons, the music has been edited out of each program.

Get the 2NURFM App

With the 2NURFM app you can listen to 2NURFM on your smartphone or tablet wherever you go. Just download one of 2NURFM’s free apps on the App Store of the Google Play Store.

A new version of the app was released in July 2017. This handles 64-bit operating systems that will no longer handle 32-bit versions.

Note for Android Users

On the Android version you will be asked for access to your “Photos/Media” – this is a requirement by Google in order to download podcasts. The app also asks for access to “Caller ID” in order to let the app know when the user is receiving a call so that it can stop playing any other audio for the duration of the call.