Playlist: 2NURFM Hunter News

Playlist: All Morning Show Videos

This is a video playlist of interviews are from the Morning Show at 2NURFM. The most recent video is first.

Playlist: Professor John Fischetti

Professor John Fischetti promotes learning equity to enable educational success of all children.

Playlist: Emeritus Professor Jim Jose

Professor Jim Jose, political scientist, Newcastle Business School (Politics), University of Newcastle, comments on politics, mostly in Australia.

Playlist: No Sweat Tech

Playlist: Gavin Forman

Local chef Gavin Forman discusses tips and techniques you can use to make your next trip into the kitchen spectacular.

Playlist: Emeritus Professor John O’Connor

While his main speciality is materials science and surface physics, this Professor of Physics has an unquenchable interest in collaborative research and sharing his knowledge with others.

Playlist: Mark Goswell

Mark Goswell is an exercise physiologist.

Playlist: University of Newcastle

Interviews with University of Newcastle personnel.

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2NURFM on Tour

Have a look at some video of Kev Kellaway’s trip in Canada in 2016 as filmed by Eat, Play & Stay.