The boss of a Newcastle nursing home says the looming vaccination deadline for aged care workers is seeing staff resign in protest.

The federal government has made it mandatory for all aged care workers to have at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine by September 17.

CEO of Maroba Aged Care at Waratah Viv Allanson has received a number of resignations and expects to get more as a result of the mandate.

She says she is concerned about the already existing staff-shortages being exacerbated by the resignations.

“There is an issue with getting staff. Remembering we have come through the scathing royal commission where people have seen that and think all aged care is like that which means people aren’t rushing along to join in. Then we are in the midst of a pandemic which has also played out in aged care on television and they’re thinking is that the career move I want to make?

“We are facing staffing difficulties right now across the board. Agencies don’t have people available or there are very few on the ground and there is a big pool of people needing their services.

“We also know that because we are so risk-averse across the health sector anyone with a sniffle or any sort of a cold must immediately go home, get tested and wait for the test results to come back,” Ms Allanson said.

In the past, the complexities with COVID and already existing staff-shortages has resulted in 95 shifts to fill in a single fortnight.

Image: Maroba