Local Labor members are calling on the State Government to protect marine life by matching their pledge to ban single-use plastic bags in NSW.

Labor has been calling on the Liberal party to ‘ban the bag’ since 2015, but the party is yet to support any laws being introduced.

Data shows approximately 10 million bags will still be littered in NSW each year under the current system with the Labor party calling for an outright ban.

With many thousands of smaller outlets still allowed to distribute, light-weight, single-use plastic bags, the Labor party believes the current voluntary ban instated by major supermarket chains fails to fix the issue

“We’ve already seen some of the larger providers having to go back to the use of plastic bags,” said Port Stephens MP Kate Washington.

“Unless the Government implements legislation that makes single-use plastic bags illegal in NSW, then we will not see the market addressing the problems that the environment so desperately needs.”

NSW remains the only state yet to introduce a bag ban, with many residents of areas like Port Stephens concerned about the effect this has on marine life.

“The risks posed by single-use plastic bags to our environment are enormous and they are well known, the risks to our marine life particularly,” said Ms Washington.

“People of Port Stephens really want to see the use of single-use plastic bags banned because we do know the impact this has on marine life, we see it off our shores every day so it is an important issue.”

Labor party members believe the marketplace cannot successfully address this issue on its own and the Government must act.

“The Berejiklian Government continues to fail to understand what the priorities should be for our state and that is not stadiums in Sydney,” said Kate Washington.

“Time and again we see their recklessness when it comes to our environment, and quite frankly everyone is fed up with it.”

Image: The Advocate