The future of BHP Steelwork’s iconic plaque has been debated in state parliament, as Newcastle MP Tim Crakanthorp vows to get it back in community hands.

It was recently discovered the missing item had been hanging on the wall of a pub in Hinton, and Property NSW are evaluating its authenticity before publican Craig Thorley hands it back.

Mr Thorley claims he bought the plaque from an antique dealer for $1000.

Members of the Newcastle Industrial Heritage Association have suggested the plaque be handed over to either themselves or Newcastle Museum, but Property NSW plan on returning the plaque to NSW Government Property.

State MP, Tim Crackenthorp has questioned Finance Minister Dominic Perrottet in regards to the 10-month delay in addressing issues of relocation and police involvement.

“Apparently the Government is going to get back this plaque, which means so much to the people of Newcastle. And it hasn’t gone anywhere– it hasn’t come back, it’s simply not good enough.”

Mr Crackenthorp believes the plaque represents an enduring significance for past and present employees of BHP, addressing his concerns to Parliament.

“This plaque is so important for the Newcastle Community– and particularly the former thousands and thousands of BHP workers.”

Parliament is due to answer questions by September 11th.