At a round-table discussion in Newcastle today, State Member for Newcastle Tim Crakanthorp and Shadow Minister for Active Transport Jo Haylen condemned the State Government’s lack of action over planned cycle paths in the Newcastle CBD.

Plans for new cycle paths were included in visions for the CBD along with the construction of the light rail, but no development on new paths was ever started.

The lack of adequate safety measures for cyclists with no clear lanes or signage has resulted in a number of minor accidents and unfortunately one tragic event last month where 51 year old Danny Egan lost his life after falling off his bike while crossing the light rail tracks.

“The Government cannot continue to ignore the multitude of accidents, including a fatal accident, since the opening of the Newcastle light rail”, said Mr Crakanthorp.

Mr Crakanthorp says an ‘East to West’ cycle path in the city would be the desired outcome and could be achieved with as little funding as 10 million dollars.

Ms Haylen says a cycle path would attract more business to the CBD improve traffic congestion.

Tim Crakanthorp MP, Jo Haylen MP  and Bernard Hockings at Newcastle today