On Wellbeing during the month of September, Jack Hodgins spoke with teachers, school administrators, health workers and students about the challenges of lockdowns.

Programs feature

  • Lisa Chalmers, Head of Health Clinic, Barker College, and Lisa Bonazza, Director of Primary Curriculum, Barker College
  • Dr Mark Merry, Principal, Yarra Valley Grammar School
  • A group of students discussing what the lockdowns have been like for them
  • Michael Pegiou, year 8 & 9 Coordinator, Oakleigh Grammar School
Jack Hodgins, Lisa Chalmers, Lisa Bonazza on Zoom call
Jack Hodgins, Lisa Chalmers, Lisa Bonazza

You’ll find the new editions here, and also on the Wellbeing podcast.

Two students in class wearing masks greeting each other by touching elbows

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