Up to 40 residents of Fullerton Cove have formed a blockade to prevent access to a site where DART Energy plans to drill two pilot gas wells.

Concerned about the impact on ground water supplies and nearby RAMSAR accredited wetlands residents says they’ll do whatever it takes to prevent the drilling.

The protestors are demanding DART Energy commit to developing an Environmental Impact Statement, and submit it for public discussion.

At this time DART Energy have not yet responded to the protest.

President of the Fullerton Cove Action Group, Lindsay Clout says they group’s planning to stay on site for as long as it takes.

“This is a huge community issue and people are setting up roster programs so the gate can be picketed constantly, 24/7.” He said.

“There are probably 150 to 200 residents in Fullerton cove and we are prepared for a protest that could last into several weeks.”