Lake Macquarie Council has had its Expression of Interest shortlisted for $15 million in Federal funding for Stage One of the Glendale Interchange, with construction pending on costings.

It comes on the back of $7 million in Commonwealth support already committed, to cover the cost of building Pennant Street Bridge and additional road works.

Design and scoping is currently underway at Council, with preliminary ideas about a true cost for Stage 1 expected over the coming months.

Member for Charlestown Andrew Cornwall says applications are due in April, with a decision likely before the September 14 Election.

“Obviously with these sort of large projects, we always wind up with some sort of political fingerprint on it.

I’d be very surprised if we don’t hear either positive or negative news prior to the Federal Election.”
Commuters are then likely to see the initial stage of construction, including the road through the back of Stockland from Main Road Glendale, and the bridge over to the back of the industrial estate.