State Opposition Leader John Robertson is in Newcastle today to discuss the city’s urban renewal.

John Robertson discusses renewal at Newcastle


The Labor Leader has met with residents to address the city’s renewal outlook as well as funding cuts to community services and state education .

Mr Roberson says the O’Farrell government is delaying the city’s renewal and has attributed the government’s failure to the delay in releasing the State Environmental Protection Policy (SEPP), which is needed to provide certainty to developers wanting to undertake projects, particularly in the city’s west end.

“I’m here because I wanted hear about the SEPP that is holding up urban renewal of the Newcastle CBD, I keep hearing everybody saying that it’s so important and I agree it’s significant.”

“We’ve got the New South Wales Government and Barry O’Farrell sitting on the release of that and until that’s the released it mean’s we’re not going to see the renewal process started”.