Members of the Hamilton South community are rallying together calling on the State Government to replace a local playground set to be demolished. 

Newcastle MP, Tim Crakanthorp has joined residents of a local social housing estate, in launching a petition calling on the government to replace the Neill Terrace playground, aiming to attract 500 signatures. 

He says the State Government owned site hasn’t been maintained to basic safety standards, and is now being removed with no plans for a replacement. 

Local Resident, Janice Paterson says the government has given significant funds to local councils to upgrade their parks, while abandoning children in their own social housing developments. 

“The children here are being left behind, the state of this is appalling.” 

The Government reportedly installed a new safety fence around the park five months ago, and fixed much of the brick work, however has now decided to remove the play equipment and replace it with turf. 

The ground below the playground itself is undulating, and a wooden bridge in the park is missing a number of planks. 

“You’ve got to watch where you walk. We have a thousand residents in the community, it’s desperately needed, the block behind us there are grandparents and they cant let their children play here because of the dangers,” Ms Paterson said. 

“The other park which is very small gets at least 10 to 15 children using it after school. Both playgrounds are in really bad condition, built in the 70’s and 80’s. I think it’s pretty appalling.” 

“The Minister should try and walk around this place without falling over, and just think if it was your child would you let them play in a playground like this.”

“Would you let them climb a bridge that was covered in moss and missing plants so legs can fall through and break.”

Newcastle MP, Tim Crakanthorp with local members of the Hamilton South communit