Hundreds of students, staff and cleaners have potentially been exposed to deadly hazardous friable asbestos in a historic building at Newcastle East Public school.


friable loose-fill asbestos was found on rafters of the building as work was underway

during the school holidays, replacing the deteriorating roof due

the presence of bonded asbestos.

Parents were today notified that asbestos had been detected in the schools heritage building, with a total decontamination undertaken and school property removed,
including library books which tested


for the

friable loose-fill asbestos.

Newcastle MP, Tim Crackanthorp, says he was told there wasn’t any asbestos present in any Newcastle electorate schools, including Newcastle East Public School when he addressed the issue with Education Minister Sarah Mitchell  in September 2019.

need to know how many kids have been exposed and what supports are available to
staff and parents now that they are having to deal with this news,” he said.

Photo Credit: Newcastle East Public School P&C Facebook page