HUNTER cyclists are calling on better safety provisions on the New England Highway, as they struggle to navigate a 10 cenimetre shoulder of the Tarro railway overpass.
The link has been improved since a fatal crash killed 57 year-old WALLSEND cyclist Neil Smith last August, but those who regularly use the road say it’s the bridge itself, not the approach that needs fixing.
The Roads and Maritime Services have installed “rumble strips” on the fog lines, reduced the speed limit to 80km/h and posted large fluorescent signs promoting awareness of cyclists.
Soil and grass has been removed from the edge of the road to increase the usable shoulder.The RMS have not ruled out building a sperate bridge.
Bernard Hockings from the Newcastle Cycleway said the solution wouldn’t have to be so drastic. “Find an off-road route for cyclists because even with a wider shoulder you’re still looking at 20 tonne vechiles going along at 100km/h, a metre away from a bicyle,” he said.