The Hunter is making privacy a priority this week with the annual Privacy Awareness Week commencing on Monday, running until May 9.  

The event, hosted by Cessnock council, looks to educate public sector agencies and citizens alike about the importance of privacy and how to protect it.  

“We’re encouraging people to get involved in it and understand what their rights are in relation to information that’s collected,” said council director Robert McGinnity. 

“We really want people to understand how to go about ensuring that those rights are followed by the agencies that collect information.”

“Some people aren’t aware of their rights and the ability to access their own personal information.”

A 2020 study showed that 70% of Australians believe that digital privacy is a major concern in their lives, with 83% saying they would like the Government to do more to protect their personal information. 

More information and tips on how to protect your privacy at both work and home can be found at

Picture Credit: ComputerWorld