The NSW Rural Fire Service (RFS) is urging all Hunter residents to take precautionary steps when heading into this years fire season. 

Singleton and Muswellbrook areas are of particular concern as Spring begins, with residents needing to remove fire hazards and dangers from in and around their properties. 

Residents are also encouraged to use this time during the stay-at-home orders and preferable weather patterns to follow the steps to make sure homes are safe if fires were to occur. 

The NSW RFS have outlined five ways in which residents can reduce risk. 

1. Trim overarching trees and branches. 

2. Mow lawns and dispose of cuttings making homes accessible. 

3. Remove hazardous material that can be found around homes e.g., mulch, wood piles etc.

4. Clear grass and debris from certain areas such as gutters. 

5. Prepare a hose that will reach to each area of your house. 

There will be a ‘Get Ready’ weekend on the 11th and 12th of September in order to set aside time to provide safety accessibility and precautionary measures as the seasons and weather patterns begin to change. 

The NSW RFS is also telling residents to contact their local fire brigades in order to confirm the fire risk  in their area and use this time to protect both themselves and the local firefighters. 

The RFS is urging Hunter Valley landowners to prepare now for the fire season Picture: Singleton Argus