A Hunter company is one of ten businesses in Australia awarded a major defence contract by the Federal Government. 

Based in Williamtown, the Plexsy’s modelling and simulation software company will now be assisting Australia’s largest defence contractor, Raytheon, in improving training technologies. 

As part of the Capability Plus program, smaller Australian businesses including Plexsy’s will be supported in improving leadership, engineering, project management and cyber security skills. 

“We are looking to grow our capabilities, and to employ local and Australian people and I think that’s our new drive,” said Plexsy’s Australia Director Robert Miller. 

“We are looking to increase our workforce, we’ve gone from just me to hiring another Australian engineer.” 

“We are really pleased to be in Australia so we are looking forward to progressing and getting better as we grow our capability, and are looking to put on two more employees.” 

Image Credit: Williamtown Aerospace Centre