Independent candidates have won top spots on the Upper Hunter’s by-election ballot following the draw this morning, with major parties trailing behind on the list.

Kirsty O’Connell and Archie Lea, both independents, scored the first and second spot respectively, out of a total of thirteen names.

Nationals candidate David Layzell landed the fifth spot on the ballot, while Labor’s Jeff Drayton came in at spot number nine.

Singleton Business Chambers President Sue Gilroy came in at twelve on the Shooters, Fishers and Farmers ticket.

One Nation’s Dale McNamara got spot number four, and the Greens’ Sue Abbott at eight.

Former Port Stephens Mayor Bruce MacKenzie didn’t appear on the final ballot.

The ballot draw can be found below.

  1. Kirsty O’Connell – Independent
  2. Archie Lea – Independent
  3. Eva Pears – Liberal Democrat Party
  4. Dale McNamara – One Nation Party
  5. David Layzell – Nationals Party
  6. Tracy Norman – Independent
  7. Steve Reynolds – Independent
  8. Sue Abbott – Greens Party
  9. Jeff Drayton – Labor Party
  10. Calum Blair – Sustainable Australia Party
  11. Michael Dello-Jacovo – Animal Justice Party
  12. Sue Gilroy – Shooters Farmers and Fishers Party
  13. Kate Fraser – Independent