Lake Macquarie lifeguards are urging snap-happy beach-goers to think twice before venturing into secluded locations.

Council’s Lifeguards Team Leader, Danny Napper, says lifeguards have been called to at least four challenging rescues over the 2020-21 beach season, particularly in spots south of Catherine Hill Bay.

“We’ve had quite a few tourists venturing to out-of-the-way locations in search of the ultimate selfie, only to be stranded by rough conditions and incoming tides,” he said.

One of the season’s most dramatic rescues involved two Council lifeguards rushing to the aid of six visitors stranded in a cave north of Frazer Park.

The visitors swam into the heart of the cave mouth. As tides surged, the group were unable to get out.

Luckily an onlooker was able to call for assistance. 

“We launched our jet ski and ferried the people back out. The conditions were pretty messy but they got all six out of there without incident, which is a credit to our lifeguards’ skills,” Mr Napper says.  

“The caves and inlets along our coast are certainly beautiful and a wonderful natural attraction for visitors, but when conditions are rough or the tide is high, people need to consider the risks.”

Mr Napper is urging beach-goers to exercise caution around dangerous spots.

“Lifeguards play the what-if game, what we would do if something goes wrong.”

“If your going somewhere remote think about what could happen, and what could happen if it was bad.”

IMAGE CREDIT: Lake Macquarie City Council