Staff at John Hunter Hospital participated in a stop work meeting earlier today from 10:30am to 1:30pm.

Members of the  Health Services Union (HSU) held discussions following concerns of workplace bullying at the hospital.

The HSU NSW claims the Hunter New England Local Health District Board has not responded to correspondence sent by dissatisfied workers.

Management at John Hunter Hospital has also been reluctant to seriously address the issue, according to the HSU NSW.

HSU NSW Secretary Gerard Hayes said the desired outcome of the stop work meeting is for worker concerns to be taken into consideration and for a strategy aimed at reducing workplace bullying to be implemented.

“[HSU members] want to have their staff treated the same way as the patients, which is with the highest respect and care,” said Hayes.

“The [desired] outcome will be that the Chief Executive Officer will put in place a strategic plan that will deal with the intimidation of staff…and unreasonable behaviour of management.”


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Future stop work action may occur depending on the results of today’s meeting.