The NSW Health Minister has confirmed the park-and-ride shuttle service will return to the John Hunter Hospital. 

The service was established in 2007 in a bid to alleviate car parking pressures at the hospital, but was scrapped in 2015 when more than 700 new parking spaces were added at the facility.

The first shuttle is expected to be up and running by mid next year. 

On a tour of the Hospital’s new Health and Innovation Precinct, Ryan Park, said the Hunter New England Health District has started investigating a route for the service. 

“I’ve asked the planners, along with the Local Health District whether there needs to be any changes to the previous route,” he said. 

“We’ll make sure we get something that is fit for purpose, but that works in 2023/2024, not necessarily focused on what we did 8 years ago… but if that is the best and most useful route still, than that’s what we’ll work on.” 

Mr. Park has also announced the establishment of a new ADHD clinic for young patients in the district. 

The Wallsend clinic will act as a trial program for the next two years, as the state government looks to enhance ADHD support in regional parts of NSW. 

Mr. Park says it means patients won’t have to travel to hospital for diagnosis and treatment. 

“This is about making sure that we take pressure off paediatric waitlists. It’s working in partnership with their GPs, but it’s also about getting that early diagnosis, that early access to treatment, that early access to support, to make sure that we provide those wrap-around services and support that young people need.”