Counting continues for the 2022 Federal Election, but Labor has managed to hold on to its four Hunter seats, with the party poised to make Government.

Leader Anthony Albanese was sworn in as Prime Minister on Monday morning, though it’s not yet clear if he’ll lead a majority government, or a minority with confidence and supply from a Greens and independent-packed crossbench.

Scott Morrison conceded as early as Saturday night, and resigned from the Liberal Party leadership.

Closer to home, Newcastle MP Sharon Claydon has kept her seat, despite a surge toward Greens candidate Charlotte McCabe.

Shortland MP Pat Conroy gained a slight swing over Liberal competitor Nell McGill, meaning he’ll serve a third term and could grab a position in Albanese’s cabinet.

Paterson MP Meryl Swanson achieved victory in Paterson, despite Liberal challenger Brooke Vitnell narrowing the margin to make it the closest seat in the region.

The Coalition also pressed hard in Hunter, but visits by Scott Morrison, Barnaby Joyce, and John Howard weren’t enough to propel Nationals candidate James Thomson into parliament.

Labor candidate Dan Repacholi is now set to take over the reins from the retiring Joel Fitzgibbon. 

Nationals MP David Gillespie remains the region’s only Coalition partner, comfortably holding on to his seat of Lyne for a fourth term.

Image credit: Dan Repacholi.