Plans for a $1.4 million dollar update to the Little Beach boat ramp in Port Stephen’s have been announced as part of the Labor party’s overall commitment to improving the safety of boats ramps, pontoons and jetties throughout Australia.

Little Beach ramp has become an issue for those who visit the area and a source of frustration for the local community.Reports have been made to council on behalf of motorists experiencing burnt-out clutches, cars inundated with water and smoking tyres, as well as cases where vehicles have drifted into the sea. The cause of these issues is an accumulation of sand on top of the ramp said to be arriving from the nearby Shoal Bay.

“Under the labor government we are going to extend and elevate the boat ramp so that the sand will be able to move around freely underneath it.” says Paterson MP Meryl Swanson.
The upgrades will supposedly save Port Stephens Council $50 000 dollars per year, the sum of which has previously been spent annually on removing the six thousand tonnes worth of sand that accumulates throughout the year.
This announcement comes as part of Labor’s $55.5 million dollars commitment to Australia’s recreational boaters, jet skiers and water-motorists.

Photo by the Port Stephen’s Examiner