Lochinvar residents are meeting with Australia Post officials on Thursday morning to discuss the pending closure of their local post office on May 1.

Australia Post is ending daily letter deliveries and closing smaller licensed post offices, particularly in regional areas, in a bid to make the organisation more viable as more people opt for digital forms of communication.

Despite the trend, many residents, particularly the elderly and disabled rely on their local post office for a range of over-the-counter postal, bill paying and other services.

There’s already been community uproar over the pending closure of the Lambton Post Office, also due to shut down on May 1, with close to 4,000 residents signing a petition to no avail. 

Lochinvar resident, Kevin Gordon is attending today’s meeting and says the many in the community have only recently been informed about the decision, and closing the post office will have a major impact on the village.

“There’s always going to be an element that are people who are elderly, people who are disabled (who) need to have access to those particular facilities and I think it’s a bit of a shame that they’re doing this so quickly,” he said.

The Lochinvar Post Office is due to cease operating on May 1. Picture: Google