Soldier On has expanded its pathways program with the launching of new employment support in Singleton.

The program offers free practical employment and education support for veterans and their families.

It also offers guidance opportunities for education, assisting in the transition from serving, to civilian careers.

Soldier On CEO Ivan Slavich says the program currently reaches more than 6,000 Australian veterans and their families but the new program at Singleton provides practical support like no other.

“This is actually very unique and it something we’re doing in consultation with Lieutenant Colonel James Smith who’s the commander at the school of infantry in singleton,” he says.

He says the new program in Singleton is ground breaking and, “Its not just the member of the ADF that we’re helping, but we’re actually helping a spouse or a family member obtain gainful employment.”

One of the key challenges facing those serving in the ADF is their postings around the country often cause disruption for the family. Soldier On aims to help stabilise the family unit by offering support through education and employment.

Soldier On’s Services include a range of mental health and wellbeing services, and Ivan Slavich says they follow a HELP acronym to describe their work.

“H stands for health and wellbeing, E is employment transition, L is learning and education and P is participation and social connection for those serving and ex-serving members of the ADF”.

He says, “This is an excellent pilot in singleton because its a model that ought to be adopted at many military bases around the country.”