We’re all being urged to

Go Smarter

and use our local airport after Newcastle Airport released their passenger results for the 2016/17 financial year.

The airport saw more than 1.25 million people use the airport, the best financial year number ever and a 6.6 per cent increase on the last figures.

There’s no doubt the airport is a major contributor to the Hunter’s growth and economy bringing people and businesses in and out of the area. Airlines are putting on more flights through Newcastle airport making Newcastle an ideal kick-off point for business and holiday travel.

“It is actually the smart choice. If you think about the other option of driving many hours down the M1 and risking traffic jams, it’s just a lot smarter to use your own airport, you can park cheaply and close to the door, check in is great and we kind of understand people don’t know you can do hubbing to international destinations,” said airport CEO Dr Peter Cock.


Go Smarter

campaign launched last week highlights exactly what Dr Peter Cock explained – that the airport is easy, quick, smart and often more affordable for travel for locals for both international and domestic flights. The campaign aims to re-educate people of the Hunter about the flight options they have right in their backyard.

“We understand people don’t know you can do hubbing to international destinations or you can fly internationally through at your own airport you just go via Melbourne or Brisbane and in many cases its actually quicker when you consider the whole journey including the travel down the M1, it’s actually smarter to go from your local airport,” said Dr Peter Cock.