The University of Newcastle’s student services will get a major overhaul thanks to the new student amenities fee.

The university plans to spend $1.6 million generated by the federal government’s new Student Services and
Amenities Fee on improving existing services and $900 000 on extra

The $132-a-semester fee will be used to improve campus toilets, upgrade the union building and prayer rooms, develop online student services, and help fund clubs and societies, as well as off-campus accommodation advice and legal services.

Newcastle University Students Association president Heather Richards says online forums were used to collect information on what students wanted out over the new spending, however some of the money that will be used from the fee will go to services that should already be maintained.

“Students have mentioned improving car parking and amenities like toilets, although they actually fall outside the jurisdiction of the student services and amenities fee.

“They’re things that the university should be maintaining anyway.”