Concerns have been raised the number of police officers in the Hunter is failing to keep with the region’s growing population.

From 2006 to 2020, the local population covered by the Northern Region Command increased by 20 percent while the number of police declined by five percent.

NSW Police Association Executive for Northern 1, Ian Allwood, says police numbers were at the forefront of the community’s mind.

“More people are moving here, we know that, and what we’re trying to do is keep pace with that population trend that moves up to our beautiful part of the world,” Mr Allwood said.

“Sadly, when more people come, they also bring their issues, and that means that your local cops sadly get stretched.”

The Newcastle LGA is currently listed in the top ten across 8 crime categories by the Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research.

Mr Allwood says the continued support from the community was helping make the case to get police numbers up.

“What people probably don’t understand is that the budgetary allocation to have a police officer at a police station is obviously quite high, and it is a competitive process,”  Mr Allwood said.