Police are searching for two motorcyclists reportedly menacing beach goers at Anna Bay’s Birubi Beach in recent weeks. 

Locals have reported seeing an unregistered green motorcycle hooning on the sand, riding in between beach goers, with reports of a number of near misses between the rider and people.

Around 5pm on Saturday, the rider was confronted by police in the car park at Robinson’s Reserve.

The rider tried to out run police, when the bike became bogged in grassland.

When police ran toward the rider, the rider dropped the bike and ran off onto the beach.  

At the time the rider was wearing a helmet and their identity has not been confirmed, with investigations continuing.

Police are also searching for the rider of a red and white motorcycle seen engaging in similar behaviour on the same beach.

“We are appealing for information to help us identify the rider of the motorcycle depicted, and that of red and white motorcycle that has also been seen,” Port Stephens Police said.

Anyone with information is urged to contact Raymond Terrace Police Station on 49837599.