Prime Minister Rudd at the launch of the NDIS in Charlestown
The Hunter region was at the forefront

of the launch of the National Disability

Insurance Scheme today in Charlestown.

Newcastle is one of 4 launch sites and

covers   26 000 people across Australia,

with a full rollout expected in 2019.

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd says the

scheme promises to overhaul the

way disability support is provided

in Australia.

“To be authentically Australian is to have an open heart to all Australians,”

said Rudd at the press conference

“That includes that half million or so Australians who we believe will ultimately be part of this scheme.”

Paralympian Kurt Fearnley was present at the launch
Paralympian Kurt Fearnley was at the press conference as part of his role on the new Independent Advisory Panel for Disability Care Australia.

“It’s an honour to be a part of the table that’s discussing the NDIS, it’s a real chance for social change,”

he said

“I think that for a long time people with disabilities have struggled to find a voice, but this a chance beyond this, this is a potential breath of fresh air into a community that are

often most marginalized”