Children’s early years could be the key to long lasting mental health and wellbeing according to the Hunter Institute of Mental Health’s latest paper.
The paper titled

The Importance of the Early Childhood Years

written in collaboration with the Australian Psychological Society and Early Childhood Australia, discusses the mental health difficulties in children and the impact these difficulties can have on health, behavioural, educational and financial outcomes in their future.
HIMH Program Manager of Child, Youth and Wellbeing Gavin Hazel says the paper speaks on multiple levels.

“And it also speaks to the ways in which that information can then be applied to thinking about how the practice of people in early education and care settings, and school settings, can be used to help support students who have additional needs but also to promote generally mental health and wellbeing of all children.”
The paper shines a spotlight on the importance of continued and expanded high quality early childhood services and schools.
It can be read and accessed by a range of people via the

HIMH website

and Hazel says there is a role for everyone to play in the wellbeing of all children at a young age.

“I think what the report’s trying to suggest, or the paper is putting forward, is we should all ask ourselves what can we do to help children have a fulfilling and contributing life and in particular looking at the ways their mental health and wellbeing is part of that.”