Prepare to be hit by mammoth temperatures this week as an Australia-wide heatwave hits.

The Bureau of Meteorology has indicated temperatures are expected to rise over the coming days, hitting temperatures above 40 degrees.

According to The Bureau of Meteorology, the Hunter region will get the worst of the heat from January 16th to 17th with the predicted temperature registering as extreme.

NSW Police Deputy Commissioner Jeff Loy says that as the weather heats up “to take extra care,” and warns motorists not to leave pets, children or vulnerable people in cars.

“As the weather heats up, I cannot stress enough to motorists that it’s not only an offence for children or pets to be left unattended in a vehicle, it can be deadly.

“It can be just as dangerous to leave the elderly and disabled members of the community in cars during days of extreme heat,” Deputy Commissioner Loy said.

The Red Cross is also urging people to take extra care and follow some simple tips to stay cool; drink regularly, eat little and often, stay indoors, take cool showers, find areas of shade, and maintain air flow.

Australian Red Cross’ National Emergency Services Manager Andrew Coghan warns that heatwaves can be just as harmful for people as natural disasters.

“Extremely hot weather can cause serious health problems – most people don’t know that more Australians have died as a result of heatwaves than because of floods, bushfires or cyclones”.

Extreme heat can also cause disruptions to other aspects of daily life such as electricity cuts, school and workplace closures and disruptions to public transport.

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