Wednesday, 9:00pm to 10:00pm

Folk music – classic songs and emerging artists, from the Australian folk scene and around the world – Phil Bates and Jane Klein bring you the best of folk.

An hour of your folk favourites – if they’re not already, they will be soon!

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Phil Bates

Phil’s folk performing career blossomed as the guitar player for Newcastle’s iconic bush band the Rum Culls. Since then, he’s added various guitars and banjos to his wardrobe of instruments.  And he’s to be found strumming and warbling regularly at Hunter Wetlands and various other events.  Previously he hosted Monday Folk on 2NURFM, and now brings his wealth of folk knowledge to Classic Folk.

Jane Klein

Jane’s love affair with folk music was shaped by the revival of interest in traditional folk in the United Kingdom.  She is fascinated by how different artists and different generations create these songs afresh. New talent and well-loved classics feature in her favourites.

Previous Programs

12 Jan 2022, 8pm

12 Jan 2022, 8pm Songs to make you smile Jane and Phil have some happy songs on the show this week.

5 Jan 2022, 9pm

5 Jan 2022, 9pm Happy New Year! Phil and Jane celebrate the new year with some fine folk music.

29 Dec 2021, 9pm

29 Dec 2021, 9pm Taking it Easy As the year comes to a close, Phil Bates and Jane Klein are winding down and taking it easy with some great folk music.

22 Dec 2021, 10pm

22 Dec 2021, 10pm Songs about Christmas This week Jane Klein and Phil Bates play songs about Christmas.

20 Dec 2021, 10am

20 Dec 2021, 10am Fairs, Fun and Festivals Jane and Phil play some music associated with getting out and about.

8 Dec 2021, 10pm

8 Dec 2021, 10pm Classic Folk – The Bright Side Jane and Phil feature music from Mary Black, Albion Band, Tony McManus, Maureen O’Brien, Bush Gothic and Edgelarks.

1 Dec 2021, 10pm

1 Dec 2021, 10pm All About Trees This week on Classic Folk, Jane Klein and Phil Bates include some songs about trees – gum trees, cactus trees and the Tree of Life.

24 Nov 2021, 9pm

24 Nov 2021, 9pm Having another go Phil Bates and Jane Klein present a collection of folk tunes around the theme of bringing something back, or having another go at something.

10 Nov 2021, 10pm

10 Nov 2021, 10pm Different perspectives on war To mark Remembrance Day, Jane Klein features songs that have a perspective on war.

3 Nov 2021, 10pm

3 Nov 2021, 10pm Happy – and not so happy – unions Jane Klein features The Seekers, Planxty, Celtic Womon, The Waifs, Steeleye Span, The Rum Culls, and more.

27 Oct 2021, 10pm

27 Oct 2021, 10pm Sad songs – tissues please! This week, Jane choses songs from Australia and the UK – songs of longing.

22 Oct 2021, 8am

22 Oct 2021, 8am An Irish tribute Things Irish and green are amongst the inspiration for the music Jane has selected on this edition of Classic Folk.

13 Oct 2021, 10pm

13 Oct 2021, 10pm Folk songs in languages other than English This Wednesday on Classic Folk, Jane Klein has folk songs in languages other than English – though they are not classified as ‘world music’.

6 Oct 2021, 10pm

6 Oct 2021, 10pm Entertainment – out and about Jane Klein has an entertaining stack of tracks this week – from Brophy’s Travelling Boxing Show by Rough Red to The Circus of Desires by Cloudstreet.

29 Sep 2021, 10pm

29 Sep 2021, 10pm Look back Look back in time, perhaps to the meaning to the song or to the journey or some history.

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