Wednesday, 9:00pm to 10:00pm

Folk music – classic songs and emerging artists, from the Australian folk scene and around the world – Phil Bates and Jane Klein bring you the best of folk.

An hour of your folk favourites – if they’re not already, they will be soon!

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Phil Bates

Phil’s folk performing career blossomed as the guitar player for Newcastle’s iconic bush band Rum Culls. Since then, he’s added various guitars and banjos to his wardrobe of instruments.  And he’s to be found strumming and warbling regularly at Hunter Wetlands and various other events.  Previously he hosted Monday Folk on 2NURFM, and now brings his wealth of folk knowledge to Classic Folk. You can discover more about Phil and his music (including Rum Culls) on Bandcamp.

Jane Klein

Jane’s love affair with folk music was shaped by the revival of interest in traditional folk in the United Kingdom.  She is fascinated by how different artists and different generations create these songs afresh. New talent and well-loved classics feature in her favourites.

Hear Phil and Jane describe the show

Hear Phil and Jane describe the show

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24 Apr 2024, 12am

24 Apr 2024, 12am Classic Folk – 24 April 2024 Jane Klein tips her cap to Gallipoli on this edition of Classic Folk. Songs include Kilgour's Lament (Ian Kilroy), Home is the Hero (Eric Bogle), and Sing Me to Sleep (Chloe & Jason Roweth).

16 Apr 2024, 10:56am

16 Apr 2024, 10:56am Classic Folk – 17 April 2024 Jane Klein plays songs that reflect the family in this edition of Classic Folk. Songs include My Sister & Laura & Me (Dark Horses), Dad's Song (Noel Bridge), and Blood Brothers (Wesley Dean).

16 Apr 2024, 10:51am

16 Apr 2024, 10:51am Classic Folk – 10 April 2024 Jane Klein plays recordings of artists featured at the National Folk Festival in Canberra this year. Artists include Fred Smith, Ernest Lines, Lucy Wise, The Maes, Windburn, Crooked Fiddle Band, Charles Maimarosia, Spooky Men's Chorus, Kim Yang, and John John Festival.

3 Apr 2024, 12am

3 Apr 2024, 12am Classic Folk – 3 April 2024 Jane Klein has selected folk music around the theme of animals in this edition of Classic Folk. Harry Belafonte sings "Yellow Bird", Seth Lakeman has "The White Hare", and Go Jane Go sing "Pretty Jackals.

26 Mar 2024, 1:58pm

26 Mar 2024, 1:58pm Classic Folk – 27 March 2024 Jane Klein has chosen songs that reflect the paranormal or slightly different in this edition of Classic Folk. Songs include Mojave and the Moon (Craig Sinclair), False Foxes (Faustus), Devil Come Knocking (Steve Tyson), Top the Moon (Capercaillie) and A Blacksmith’s Prayer (Seth Lakeman).

20 Mar 2024, 1:51pm

20 Mar 2024, 1:51pm Classic Folk – 20 March 2024 Jane Klein presents songs referencing battles on this edition of Classic Folk. You’ll hear Wallis & Matilda’s setting of Banjo Paterson’s lyrics How Bob Died, and songs from Steeleye Span, Bob Fox, Finbar Furry, Plenty, Dubliners, Enda Kenny Stray Hens, Jen Lowe and Gudrun Walther & Juergen Treys.

28 Feb 2024, 2:43pm

28 Feb 2024, 2:43pm Classic Folk – 28 February 2024 On this edition, Phil and Jane feature music of place including The Bay of Fundy (Unthanks), The Crooked Mountain (Capercaillie), California (Stan Rogers), Streets of Derry (Andy Irvine & Paul Brady), Old Morocco (C White & J Matthews) and A Cottage in the Country (Eric Bogle and friends).

21 Feb 2024, 4:41am

21 Feb 2024, 4:41am Classic Folk – 21 February 2024 Phil and Jane have another show of great folk music.

14 Feb 2024, 12am

14 Feb 2024, 12am Classic Folk – 14 February 2024 Jane Klein and Phil Bates with another hour of the world's best folk music.

7 Feb 2024, 3:43pm

7 Feb 2024, 3:43pm Classic Folk – 7 February 2024 More of the world's best folk music with Jane Klein and Phil Bates.

31 Jan 2024, 1:33pm

31 Jan 2024, 1:33pm Classic Folk – 31 January 2024 Phil Bates shares some folk music, leading off with a summery selection.

24 Jan 2024, 1:32pm

24 Jan 2024, 1:32pm Classic Folk – 24 January 2024 Phil Bates presents a selection of folk music, leading off by tipping his hat to Robbie Burns, since tomorrow marks the celebration of the life and poetry of the poet Robert Burns (25 January 1759 – 21 July 1796).

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