Wednesday, 9:00pm to 10:00pm

Folk music – classic songs and emerging artists, from the Australian folk scene and around the world – Phil Bates and Jane Klein bring you the best of folk.

An hour of your folk favourites – if they’re not already, they will be soon!

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Phil Bates

Phil’s folk performing career blossomed as the guitar player for Newcastle’s iconic bush band the Rum Culls. Since then, he’s added various guitars and banjos to his wardrobe of instruments.  And he’s to be found strumming and warbling regularly at Hunter Wetlands and various other events.  Previously he hosted Monday Folk on 2NURFM, and now brings his wealth of folk knowledge to Classic Folk.

Jane Klein

Jane’s love affair with folk music was shaped by the revival of interest in traditional folk in the United Kingdom.  She is fascinated by how different artists and different generations create these songs afresh. New talent and well-loved classics feature in her favourites.

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