The City of Newcastle is asking the community for feedback on newly proposed erosion management options for the northern parts of Stockton Beach.

Four schemes have been identified in conjunction with sand nourishment as part of the Stockton Coastal Management Program 2021.

The schemes include organising ongoing sand nourishment efforts, building an artificial headland 150 to 200 metres into surf, constructing a submerged, artificial reef to slow sand movement, and a plan to implement machinery to recirculate sand used for beach nourishment. 

Lord Mayor Nuatali Nelmes says community feedback will help decide the feasibility of each option.

“During this early phase we are gathering feedback from the community on the schemes that have been developed to help prolong mass sand nourishment,” Cr Nelmes said.

“We would now like to hear from the wider community about what people like or don’t like about the options we’re considering, and why.”

City of Newcastle will also have to work with local stakeholders such as Hunter Water and NSW Crown Lands, who own much of the land at the northern end of Stockton Beach.

City of Newcastle Director Infrastructure Ken Liddell says any proposed schemes will still have to be put through rigorous technical tests before implementation. 

“For schemes that are considered feasible, we will then carry out a viability assessment, which will take the cost of each scheme into account and allow us to carry out a cost-benefit analysis,” Mr Liddell said.

The community can find out more and offer feedback at, or in person by filling in a paper survey at Stockton Library.

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