By Isabel Everett

A State MP is calling for an increase in local police officers and in police resources following a recent crime wave sweeping through Wallsend and other neighboring suburbs.

Residents of Wallsend, Maryland, Fletcher and Elermore Vale have experienced multiple car break-ins, theft of valuables, a boat and garbage bins set on fire during the recent crime spree.

Wallsend MP, Sonia Hornery says the limited number of officers in the area and on duty during night time hours means response times are often lengthy.

“When we have problems like what we’ve had again in Maryland, Fletcher and Elermore Vale over the last few days, and the limited number of police that are on patrol in the evening, it’s impossible for them to get from one end of town to these areas in time to respond to the crime,” Mrs Hornery said.

Concern has be raised that the limited number of police in the area is creating an ideal environment for criminals.

“Wallsend needs a dedicated police station. We also need more police in the area, particularly more police patrols in the evening. In this case crooks know that they can get away with it before the police are going to arrive to catch them,” Mrs Hornery said.

“That is certainly not the fault of the police because they are doing the best job they can.”
Source: NBN News