Local MP, Sonia Hornery, is calling for a permanent Police presence in Wallsend following recent crime sprees in her electorate.

It comes after Newcastle Police were involved in a number of incidents last week.

In less than 24 hours between last Thursday afternoon and Friday morning patrolling officers made five arrests in Wallsend alone.

Sonia Hornery believes police response times would be greatly improved by providing a permanent base nearby, with the closest station currently Waratah.

“Residents are fed up, the crime waves are continuing and criminals know that there are very few, if any, Police in the area during the night,” said Ms Hornery.

“I have never seen it so bad.”

This is

not the first time

the Wallsend MP has pleaded with parliament for more police resources.

In February this year, 201 Police cadets graduated from Goulburn.

88% of the new officers were stationed in Sydney and the rest of the state shared the remaining 12%.

Of that,

zero new officers came to the Hunter region


“Local Police are doing everything they can but they simply don’t have the feet on the ground to be able to spend enough time in the western suburbs to catch these criminals,” Sonia added.