An investigation has been launched into the death of a disabled woman at a Stockton Group home.

Another resident is in hospital suffering serious health issues just weeks after moving into the group home.

The former centre resident and the severely disabled woman had only just moved into their new home when they experienced health complications believed to be linked to dehydration and feeding issues – the second woman is still recovering in hospital.

The quality of care is being questioned within the group homes with residents moving in from the Stockton Centre which is due to close.

The State Opposition says it highlights the concerns about transferring severely disabled residents out of the Centre, possibly into care which is not up to standard.

Shadow Minister for the Hunter Kate Washington says the government promised the high level of care given to Stockton Centre would continue at Group homes.

“Governments have been providing reassurances for families and advocates that the care will be what it needs to be and we just have very little confidence that government is doing that. The government instead tells us that with giving additional resources to the ombudsman as far as I’m concerned it’s all far too late by the time its gone to the ombudsman,” said Kate Washington.

Image Newcastle Herald.