We all love a good nights sleep, but often it can be hard to find.

But better sleep could be just around the corner and it could be easier than we think.

The University of Newcastle is holding a nationwide clinical trial, called the REFRESH Study, aiming to find whether or not regular exercise can help insomniacs get a good nights sleep.

The study is looking to recruit around 300 people aged 40-65 who have poor quality sleep, but don’t have a sleeping disorder and do less than 90 minutes of physical activity each week.

Associate Professor Mitch Duncan from the Hunter Medical Research Institute’s Cardiovascular Program says the trial is as much about improving sleep as it is fitness.

“It’s important that we try to improve both physical activity and sleep quality because they both have profound benefits not only on our physical health but also on our mental health as well.”

Half of the people who report poor sleep health often fail to get enough exercise, which increases their risk of developing heart disease, diabetes, depression and anxiety. Not only that work productivity is impacted costing the global economy $680 billion annually.

Mitch Duncan says the results could change the way people view sleep and exercise.

“But what we haven’t really tested yet  in studies is the exact benefit that enhancing physical activity and providing a dedicated physical activity intervention has on sleep relative to a traditional approach which doesn’t emphasise the increase of physical activity as much.”

The study will also use a smartphone app called “Balanced” and researchers will compare the effectiveness of a sleep plus increased physical activity intervention with a sleep-only intervention.

Anyone interested in participating in the study can take part in a short eligibility survey at