Fire and Rescue crews have freed a 4-year-old boy who’s fingers became trapped in the drain plug holes of a laundry basin in Mayfield overnight.

Crews from Mayfield West and Lambton responded to the call attending the incident on Barton Street, where they found Ruben, with four of his fingers trapped in the basin’s plug hole.

Manual manipulation was used to free on of his fingers with the remaining three released after using small tools to cut away the drain components.

The attending crews have hailed Ruben’s bravery considering the predicament he had found himself in.

Once freed, Ruben was treated for some minor lacerations to his fingers before being seen to by an ambulance.

“Ruben informed firefighters he would have something exciting to tell his friends next time he saw them!” The Lambton crew said.

“All the best to you young Ruben, well done on being patient and very brave.”

Rubens hand freed
Image: Lambton Fire & Rescue
Ruben being treated for minor lacerations
Image: Lambton Fire & Rescue