In the wake of the Grenfell Tower tragedy in London, a Lake Macquarie Councillor is putting forward a motion tonight for the review of fire safety standards in buildings throughout the region.

On June 14 the Grenfell Tower in West London become a towering inferno killing an estimated 79 people. Combustible cladding used to insulate the tower and improve its appearance is being blamed for the rapid spread of the blaze and now there are concerns for other buildings built using the same material.

Upon reflection, it was found the tower would’ve failed fire safety standards.

Back home in Lake Macquarie, Councillor Kevin Baker says he’s confident a vast majority of buildings are compliant, but every precaution must be taken to avoid a tragedy like that in London.

“As I’ve said in my motion it’s something that needs to be considered across all levels of government and I think it’s an issue that is sitting there at the forefront of everybody’s minds and now is the time to act to make sure everybody is conforming to the highest levels of safety standards.”

He wants to ensure nobody has to live through a horrifying fire and making sure everyone has their standards in line so everyone is safe, is the best possible way to ensure it never happens.

“Generally speaking I’m confident that 99 per cent of the people do do the right thing and I’d really love to hear that any review comes back and finds that everything is perfect. That would be the best case scenario but I think it is important that we do a review,” said Kevin Baker.